Melanchthon House Bretten


to the Melanchthon House in Bretten! Welcome to our Audioguide, complete with two hours of audio and 57 chapters. Be our guest: design your own personal tour.


Determine for yourself the highlights for your visit to the Museum, which was built on the site of Melanchthon’s birthplace. To help navigate the audioguide, we have arranged the chapters in four colours:

Red, like the sandstone of the Melanchthon House: Here you will find information about the construction and collection of the Museum, plus information about its founder Nikolaus Müller.

Blue, like the sky: These chapters concern theology, the Reformation, and the revival of the Church, in the coordinated work of Philipp Melanchthon and Martin Luther.

Green, like hope: Here you will find information about the polymath Melanchthon, and about the Arts and Sciences at the beginning of the sixteenth century, which was greeted with such optimism by many humanists.

Yellow indicates audio about the life of Melanchthon and his family.

Get to know the Reformer from Bretten personally – with original quotations from his letters, speeches, and books. Whether you take a tour of the Museum, located on the Bretten Marketplace with its view of the Melanchthon House, or enjoy the audioguide at home, we wish you much enjoyment in your encounter with the world of Philipp Melanchthon, one of the exceptional personalities of the Reformation era.

On behalf of the City of Bretten, the Museum, and the Melanchthon Association, I would like to welcome you.

My name is Axel Lange, and I’m the author of the Audioguide.

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