Melanchthon House Bretten


Translations of the German text by Stephen Wright (County Leitrim, Ireland) and Catherine Livet (Paris/Berlin).

Expert review of the English and French translations by Dr. Charlotte Methuen (Glasgow) and Dr. Matthieu Arnold (Strasbourg).

Accompaniments from the Renaissance era by Matthias Dahlhoff (Flehingen) and the ensemble Mucchio Variopinto (recording by Gottfried Säftel, Oberderdingen).

Production of the audioguide by soundgarden (Munich).

The editors and the Melanchthon Association wish to thank the City of Bretten and the Ministry of Literary Museums, Archives, and Monuments in Baden-Württemberg (Arbeitsstelle für literarische Museen, Archive und Gedenkstätten in Baden-Württemberg, alim) for financially supporting the Audioguide for the entire project.