Melanchthon House Bretten

Memorial Hall

The knights’ hall of the Reformation

The Memorial Hall

Sculpted in limestone

Statues of reformers

The raised snake

Melanchthon’s seal

Christ, Peter and Paul

The stained-glass windows in the choir

Pioneer and gardener

Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon in Wittenberg

Wittenberg colleagues and companions

Justus Jonas and Johannes Bugenhagen

Reformers in the south-west

Johannes Brenz and Martin Bucer

Division or unity between churches?

Philipp Melanchthon and John Calvin

Frescoes in gothic arches

The murals by August Groh

Debater at the fountain

The child prodigy

For the reform of the Church

At the Diet of Augsburg of 1530

For the unity of the Church

The ecumenical significance of the Augsburg Confession

The opening of the High School

The Teacher of Germany in Nuremberg

The this-worldly and the heavenly homeland

Philipp Melanchthon and Bretten

At Melanchthon’s sickbed

Martin Luther prays for his friend’s recovery